Straight Talk: Guaranteed Computer Support for your business
Why Panatech should be your Managed Services Provider.

We provide clear, precise explanation and coverage for what you need to run your office, with different levels of support to fit your level of need and each clearly explained so you know exactly what you’re getting, and for how much.

Computers are a double-edged sword in today’s world. We couldn’t live without them, but the constant barrage of updates from Microsoft and the dangerous attacks of viruses - and especially ransomware - make ‘Computer Security and Maintenance’ a necessary expense.

We keep things simple and understandable by dividing our support services into the 3 sections needed by most businesses with support levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold to match your needs and budget:

  • Hardware
    Physical equipment repair and/or replacement, starts as low as $9/month
  • Software
    Patches and Malware protection on each workstation starts as low as $29/month
  • Server/System
    Services unique to the server, including backups and company-wide identity protection

And within each section, we have different levels of service, allowing you
to select the amount of support your business needs.

For example, in our most commonly used Software section, we have Bronze protection that starts out at $29/month to provide essential malware protection against viruses and most importantly the new ransomware attacks. Even at this price, we offer an enterprise-level of protection almost unattainable outside of the Fortune 1000 (more on that later), which is the absolute minimum that every company needs.

And we move up from there in small financial increments to add the clearly described support of patch management, security analysis & reporting, and Help Desk services.

Click here for our complete Managed Service Protection Plan PDF,
and contact us for current pricing.

How can we do this so affordably?

Simple: We are focused.

We do not try to be 'all things to all people'.

Our support services are fully and clearly spelled out on these pages (the download), and they cover all the computer security-and-maintenance needs of most offices. If you are one of the 80% then we are a perfect match for you. If you are in the other 20%, then maybe we can provide the 'core' 80% that is our specialty.

So here on our website you will see something almost unheard of from all our fellow MSPs: Clear cut tables showing what we do, and what we charge.

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Click here for our complete Managed Service Protection Plan PDF,
and contact us for current pricing.