In a nutshell, here is the THREAT your business faces:

Software algorithms to detect viruses are categorically different – and useless – against encryption. If even one of your employees opens a bad email – and it happens ALL the time, no matter what you tell them - you are screwed. Because instead of just inserting a virus, it infects your entire network with a time-delayed program that encrypts all of your data in about 30 days (after all your backups have been poisoned) and then sends you an email saying: “Pay us $XX,000 via untraceable BitCoin, or you will never see your data again”.

Most businesses decide that paying the ransom is their best alternative. Being down for the better part of a week is more costly than the ransom – and the Bad Guys know that and set their ransom price accordingly. They may be crooks, but they’re not stupid.

And it gets worse: The FIRST thing this program does is to steal your email list and send this ‘Open me..’ email to all of YOUR clients, who naturally trust an email from you and open it.

Now YOU have infected all of your clients.

So legally or just ‘customer service wise’, you are in deep, deep trouble.

Lastly, the one mistake everyone makes:

“But I’m too small of a company to worry about this. They won’t come after me!”

Wrong! Industry stats shows that Bad Guys especially target small businesses like yours because you are easier pickings than the Fortune 1000. They can easily steal $5-$100,000+ from businesses like you because your security is non-existent. They even got $5,000 from a little old lady running a charitable pet rescue center. They don’t care who they steal from. You are an open bank of money to these guys.


We have partnered with a leading international security company whose software is certified as fully HIPAA and PCI DSS 3.1 (credit card) compliant and used by corporations such as Citibank, Netflix and Visa. In addition to Ransomware, this also protects against viruses and other malware. This is the keystone in a suite of defenses to defend against the ‘open door’ that is the World Wide Web.

You can get this protection for as little as $29 per PC, monthly.

We also have additional coverage that will continuously monitor and upgrade your network for needed software patches and other essential Windows components, as well as “Backup and Disaster Recovery” if you need those. This can also be extended to full ‘Help Desk’ and Remote IT support, if desired.

But the first step is to protect against the worst threat. Contact us now to assess your vulnerability, and put in defenses to protect you from being another victim.

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