Are you vulnerable to Cyber attacks?

Maybe. Maybe Not.

Be sure with a FREE, on-site Comprehensive Risk Assessment.

Even one Ransomware attack can lock you out of your computer data and bring your business to a dead stop.

It’s quick and simple:  We come to your office and do a ‘Comprehensive Risk Assessment’.  We scan for over a dozen vulnerabilities including verification that your patches are up to date and your virus  & malware protection is active and adequate.

If you get “Green Check Marks” across the board, that probably means your procedures are adequate for now.

If you get more than a few “Red Xs”, then we can show you how Panatech’s affordable Protection Plans can remove those vulnerabilities and turn Red Xs into Green Check Marks.

Call 847.682.4550 or eMail us now.  Every day you wait could cost you your business

  • Are You Protected From Cyber Attacks?
    Be sure with a FREE Onsite Risk Review

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