When Michael Krasny sold CDW to an investment group, he bought United Camera and rebranded it as United Electronics Group.

With over 100 computers to maintain, we selected Panatech to manage our CyberSecurity and Patch Management responsibilities, as well as provide weekly security/health audit checks for the workstations and servers. They worked very well with our existing I.T. staff, took direction well, and communicated well.

With the new management that came from CDW, UEG scrutinized Panatech for both capability and price. After years of actual service to us, we found that Panatech provided outstanding technical support and did so at a price that could not be matched (even despite extensive cost-cutting initiatives).

Even with the I.T. resources of the new management, it was more cost effective to sub-contract these specialized maintenance services to Panatech, thereby freeing other resources for the support that only the on-site support staff could perform. Additionally it added an extra layer of monitoring and support for critical systems both during and after business hours.

On a personal note, they were always easy to work with, accessible and transparent in all their relations with us.

Tony Ruggeri
Director of IT