Excellent Question. Two reasons:

This specifically applies to our basic Bronze and Silver plans that offer special Malware protection, and “Patch Management”, which are essential, but rote, tedious, time-consuming chores.

First, because we specialize in providing CyberSecurity software, we have access to industrial-strength Malware protection that individual companies cannot get on their own – and we provide it at a very competitive price. It is HIPAA and PCI DSS certified, and offers up to $1M in insurance protection.

Secondly, our Patch Management is done after-hours, NOT when your people need their computers to get work done.  And to be done correctly, these patches frequently require the computer to be rebooted multiple times which is not something that you want done when your employees are trying to get work done, nor pay an employee overtime to do when the rest of the office leaves.

A client with over 100 PCs, 4 Servers, and TWO, FULL-TIME highly-skilled IT Professionals and they choose us to do this for them for exactly this reason: This is rote, mundane, after-hours work that they don’t have time to do because they have more important  issues to deal with every day, and we do it more affordably than anyone else.

We offer 4 layers of cumulative protection, monitoring and support.
You choose if you just need the industrial-grade, front door Malware protection, or the full suite of pro-active patching, monitoring, reporting and support services.

Bottom line:
Farm out the mundane, specialized tasks that should be done after hours and that require special-purchase software to us, and use your internal people for the special face-to-face tasks that only THEY can do in your office.