Excellent Question. Two basic reasons:

First, unless your internal folks have ‘plenty of extra time on their hands’, this is one area that is ‘mundane, time-consuming, monitoring and management’ that does not require the specialized knowledge and skill of your internal people to support your office. And this can be economically ‘farmed out’ so that they CAN focus on the specialized  needs of the office that only they can provide. 

And we do most of these processes ‘after hours’ so that your workers are not displaced by on-going computer maintenance!

In fact, one of our largest clients has over 100 PCs, 4 Servers, and TWO, FULL-TIME highly-skilled IT Professionals and they choose us to do this for them for exactly this reason: This is rote, mundane, after-hours work that they don’t have time to do because they have more important (meaning custom) issues to deal with every day.

Second, and not to be snooty here, but the tools we use are “Fortune 500” level that you can’t just buy ‘1 off’ off the shelf.  They require volume purchases, training, and special installation.  They meet HIPPA (medical) and PCI (Credit Card) standards for security that you just don’t get if you are just buying for yourself.  And we do it very economically.

Bottom line: Farm out the mundane, specialized tasks that should be done after hours and that require special-purchase software to us, and use your internal people for the special face-to-face tasks that only THEY can do in your office.